The Filmaker production ranges from commercials to film clips, from institutional to documentary, but not only.
Our products also include the realization of TV formats and independent cinematographic products.

Filmaker two founding partners, both graduates in art-direction at the IED Higher Institute of Communication (istituto superiore di Comunicazione IED) in Milan in 1993/94, after various experiences in the advertising and cine-television fields, decided to start their own business as single professionals, which would have allowed them to work together.

In August 1998 Filmaker opened its doors in response to the need to prepare a documentary for the Lombardy Region.

After this first assignment, useful as a trial run, the rhythm of work grew to full speed. They diversified the product and Filmaker also began to produce music videos. Some of Filmaker’s clients include I Gemelli DiVersi, the Lingalad, Viola Valentino, Tribà, prestigious dance music groups, Latin American artists, the Ricordi record company, the Nomadi (for whom a concert-DVD was produced which won the Wind Music Awards 2008 as the most sold product) and many others.

Subsequently, the product portfolio grew to include institutional Films/Videos for companies and commercials. Companies such as Pompea, Trancerie Emiliane, Cabrioni Biscotti, Lagor, Faccin, Marcegaglia, Ofar , Conserve Giordani, Fix Design, just to name a few, have made use of the capabilities of Filmaker.

Filmaker was ready to attempt another expansion of their product range: the television programme. After the presentation of various pilot episodes, in 2007/08 the production of a programme for Sky, “Se ti prendo ti mangio”, was secured.
In the meantime the production of documentaries continued, and in 2009 Filmaker produced ten documentaries for the “consorzio delle Strade dei vini e dei sapori della Lombardia”, a widespread production also highly appreciated by the North American market.

Filmaker boasts an experienced organisational machine able to support the most diverse requirements of each client. State of the art technology makes it an ideal partner for many creative organisations; the undisputed and substantial artistic-technical abilities of all its collaborators and the optimisation of each work phase guarantee extremely competitive costs.
Today Filmaker is the most important video production organisation in Mantova.